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Summer 2016 Issue II - I AM Special Education Society Volunteer Day


13711600_10154071378835376_1064270262_oSummer 2016 - I AM Special Education Society


At CIEE Gaborone, we make it a point each semester to give back and lend a much needed helping hand to members of our community. This Summer,  we decided to chose a group we had never worked with, the amazing: I AM Special Education Society! Here's whats in this issue: 

I AM Special!
I AM A Helping Hand
I AM Human
I AM Involved

I AM Special

I AM Special Education Society is a small community-based education centre for children and youths with learning disabilities. I AM Special Education Society aims to "Empower and provide education services to those who learn differently", and their main objective is to promote a sense of self reliance amongst people with disabilities and to help them integrate into the society.

IamspecialI AM Special Education Society is situated in Tlokweng, just behind Tlokweng Main Kgotla. They enroll several students with different disabilities such as Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, spina bifida and other developmental delays. The students are taught basic academics (literacy & numeracy), pre-vocational studies & self-help skills, PE, Computer awareness and they all undergo Auditory Integration Training.

I AM Special is one of the few centres in Botswana that is dedicated to children with learning disabilities. Special learning schools like I AM Special, still lack resources, and support from the local community. The centre therefore welcomes visitors to come and meet the children to raise awareness about the challenges people living with disabilities in Botswana may face. They encourage visitors extend their time, get involved and share skills with members of I AM Special Education Centre! 

 t13692145_10154071379100376_681712666_oCIEE Gaborone and I AM Special Team 

13692354_10154071378525376_559887811_oCIEE Gaborone at I AM Special Volunteer Day!

I AM A Helping Hand

Our day started bright and early! Even though our time was limited, our mission was to ensure we left a long lasting impact on the organization. We decided to focus on a few things that we could help change in one day. Prior to our visit, we had a put a comity together to help identify key areas where we could focus. We noted a few of the surroundings needed to be refurbished, the sign into the centre was abit old and the students at the education center really enjoy interacting with visitors. 

With these in mind, a group of our best got together to draw, outline and paint two new signs, which could be placed outside the Education Centre for all to see. Our students and volunteers worked hard and tirelessly to produce a wonderful end product. A special thank you to our very own, Regina Brecker for the insurmountable effort she put to pull this together. 


13718039_10154071379355376_171003126_oOur students and volunteers working hard on the new signs



13709755_1231818540161470_6985131063041005637_nThe Finished Product !

As I AM Special Education Society caters to children of all ages dailey, we thought to brighten up the surroundings by giving the hall ways fresh coats of paint. We as a team added hand prints and beautiful designs to create a warm, welcoming environment. 

13694248_10154071379395376_1184055219_oKeyandra ready to make her mark! 

13730600_10154071379220376_1990319879_oOur student volunteers did a wonderful job in the hallways 

13836025_1140443566012849_1319709838_oOur Students Anna, Keyandra, Cristina and many more took time to paint the hallways of I AM Special 

I AM Human

Our most exciting moment of the day came when we had the opportunity to meet and interact with the children of I AM Special. Once they arrived, everyone was eager to get them fired up with a number of games. Our most enjoyable game happened to be an interesting take on Duck Duck Goose. Our students and volunteers clearly needed more practice as the kids from I AM Special showed us just how its done!

13717930_1140443516012854_1064323047_oMichael having a go at Duck Duck Goose at I AM Special 

13711568_1140443379346201_1579000562_oCristina having a go Duck Duck Goose at I AM Special 

As some of our students enjoyed games with the children and staff of I AM Special, a few members of our Team prepared a quick meal for everyone to share. After the fun and games, we settled down and enjoyed lovely treats; They prepared hotdogs, fruit, muffins, snacks and juice for the children, which made for a wonderful time to chat and get to know them on a more personal basis.  

13694160_1140443589346180_1192624296_oLunch time at I AM Special Volunteer Day 

13728232_1140443662679506_1387708689_oBeautiful Smiles 

13833591_1140443626012843_1034530110_oGreat interactions with the Kids of I AM Special


I AM Involved

 As our day came to an end, we donated a few necessities to the centre to help them ease up their daily tasks and wrote them a sincere Thank You card. Our efforts were small, and insurmoutable to the efforts the staff and team of I AM Special Education Society dedicate on a daily basis. We hope our visit there may inspire and urge more members of the community to get involved and experience the wonderful individuals we got the privilege to meet. To those who would like to get involved, spend some time or would be in a position to make any form of donation to I AM Special Education Society, please telephone +267-3910214/71517761 or visit them at  I AM Special Education Centre, Mangwana Centre, Tlokweng, Botswana. Postnet Tlokweng P/Bag T010 #66 Tlokweng. 

Till next time, Sala Sentle ( Stay Well). 



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