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A Weekend in Kanye

Gen 6

Post by Genevieve Brandt from Pacific Lutheran University 

Last weekend we went to the village of Kanye, only 100 km away, to do a homestay. We arrived on Friday afternoon and got to meet our host families. After eating lunch as a group, we headed off to our homes to spend time getting to know our families. I stayed with a lady named Pelonumi, or Nunu for short. She had a beautiful house on a hill in the village, and made me feel at home right away.

Gen 4Nunu’s home, where I stayed for the weekend

Nunu showed me around her house, and I found out that she had running water available. This was surprising to find out, because most of the houses in Kanye did not. The water shortage in Botswana and the hills in Kanye make the water situation unreliable. Many villagers must walk outside of their house to fill up buckets, or have saved water inside from the few times when the water comes on. The unreliable water situation makes the cold showers at UB feel like a luxury.

Gen 2The view of Kanye from the top of the hill behind my house.

I quickly felt the slow pace of village life when shortly after arriving, Nunu informed me that it was now time for a rest, and she would be waking up in a few hours. After my week of staying up late working on essays, I was relieved to hear this and took a nice nap. When we woke up, she gave me a walking tour of the village as we went to the supermarket to get groceries for dinner. I appreciated the beauty of Kanye because Gaborone is much less green. They also had hills in Kanye, which was exciting to see after flat Gaborone.

Gen 2The refreshing scenery of Kanye was very different from Gaborone, with hills and green on the side of roads.

On Saturday, the entire CIEE group went to Motse Lodge in order to learn about traditional village life. We got to experience making clay pots, building a wall, and making phaphata, which is traditional bread. After doing these activities, we went on a short hike to the dam nearby. It was a new concept to see water in Botswana, even though I know that this dam is at much lower levels than needed. After returning, we learned how to milk goats. They were really not into the process, but one of the goats let us try. It was a fun day at Motse learning more about life in villages, especially ones that are not as large and developed as Kanye.

Gen 3A donkey drinking water from the dam near Motse Lodge. The donkey had been working hard pulling the cart of people to the dam

Sunday was my last day in Kanye, and I spent it with Nunu at her house. We have a Setswana midterm coming up this week, and Nunu was able to help me with my studying. We also went on a walk to visit the Kgotla, which is the traditional court. Villagers visit the Kgotla to see the chief and discuss matters that involve the city. I was happy that Nunu was able to show me around her village. It was a relaxing weekend away from the city, and I hope to visit Nunu again soon.

Gen5Me and my host mother, Nunu.



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