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1 posts from November 2015


We're Done Already?


Post by Morgan Robinson from Spelman College

I am almost at the finish line! I’m proud to say I’ve made it three long months here in Gaborone,Botswana. While I am really beginning to enjoy my time here, I can only think about that wonderful moment I board a plane and begin my journey back to Atlanta. It seems like I just arrived and now it is almost time for me to leave, and December feeling so close although I have so many things I have to do until then is really weighing on me.

Me at the Welcome Dinner in AugustAt the Welcome Dinner in August

Between my last few class assignments, preparing for finals, and having to reorganize my things to be packed away, I am pretty overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that time is turning into Speedy Gonzales and the end of the semester will be here before I know it. It is so surreal that October is almost over but it still feels as if I just started classes in August. I’m starting to realize that my prayers to speed up the semester have been answered and I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave just yet.

Me with Mervin, Marvin and Melvin in KanyeHanging out with Mervin, Marvin and Melvin in Kanye, Botswana

There are so many things that I would like to do before I leave that I still have not done. Getting nice souvenirs for my family, making time to visit Cape Town, and seeing more of Gaborone are only a few of the things on my list. However, I don’t know if I have the time anymore. I initially thought I would have all the time in the world to get things done, but time has not been too kind to me.

Me in front of the Orapa Mine Sign in OrapaIn front of the Orapa Mine Sign in Orapa, Botswana

I am hoping these next six weeks go by at a medium pace. I am very ready to be back home with my family and friends, but I am in need of more time to get everything done that I planned on getting done while in Gaborone. Time has really gotten the best of me and I just have to adjust and make the best use of it. While everything I need to do is staring me in the face and making me a little anxious about ensuring I have time to get everything done, I am grateful for the time I have had here and I really feel I have made great use of these first three months. I’m hoping I use all of my time left here wisely so I can honestly say my semester in Gaborone was time well spent.

Me with Leah and Amy at Sanita's Tea GardenSanitas Tea Garden in Gaborone  with Leah and Amy!