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The Little Things

HeadshotPost by Meredith Henning from The University of Southern California  -  CLAS 

With spring break being only a week away, it is no surprise this week will have been one of the longest yet. On top of the agonizing anticipation of jetting off to Cape Town, midterms are in full swing. The thought of getting through a few midterms and a Setswana final is enough to make anyone want to crawl into bed and not come out of Vegas until Friday.

However,  in Gabs all you need are a few pick me ups to make a world of difference.  Here, each week sometimes the little things are the only way to make it through a particularly frustrating week.  In the beginning of the week, we went out to dinner to celebrate a fellow CIEE member, Rachel's birthday. Despite the place not having chicken... or beef, it didn't seem to matter in the end. All that mattered was being with the awesome people I feel so fortunate to have met, as well as meeting new friends and celebrating a birthday in a way you only can in Bots.

Picture 1Rachel blowing out her makeshift candle

The rest of the week carried on the same, my mood perking up when meeting the group for a CIEE meeting and being surprised with pizza (yay free food and good company!).

Picture 2Our group during the meeting mid bite of pizza

Or just hanging out with the girls and going to get dinner.  

Picture 3Shannon enjoying news café

No matter how unbearable a week may seem the little things truly make the experience worth having. And here now at the end I can take a sigh of relief knowing tests are done (for now), and that in a few hours I will be unwinding in a gorgeous city right by the beach.

Picture 4


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