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Spring Break - Cape Town Edition

Image001Post by Elizabeth Litke from The University of Evansville

We were all ready for a break from Gaborone! So a group of students headed to Cape Town to spend a marvelous week under the sun. Out of all the things we could do there, a group of eight of us girls decided we had to experience shark cage diving with Great Whites. Image007

On Monday morning we piled into a van and headed to Gansbaii, a smaller fishing town about two hours outside of Cape Town. After eating a little breakfast, it was time to sign our lives away and head to the boat. It was a short ride out to Shark Alley before the crew starting throwing chum into the water. Within minutes the first Great White arrived and people starting putting on wetsuits. The water was about 59 degrees, so without the wetsuits we would have been freezing. Our group of eight was the second group to jump into the cage and be amazed by the sharks swimming around us. In order to see the sharks under water they gave us goggles but no air tanks or anything else. Image005

Using dead fish heads and a fake seal named Gloria, the Captain would bring the sharks around the cage. Whenever one was close enough to see under, someone would shout at us to go under and what direction to look at when we got under. At first I didn’t think holding my breath for a long was going to happen, but once I got under and saw the sharks I never wanted to come up. Every time we went under it was a thrill. No matter how many times the sharks passed us by it never got old. Even when we got out of the water my adrenaline was still pumping. Image003

After our time was up we had to attempt to warm up and eat a little food. It was even crazier seeing other people in the cage after we had gone and thinking “Wow, we just jumped in the ocean with great white sharks!”

The experience in Cape Town is one that will never be beaten. When coming to Africa I never would have thought that I would be one of the people to go shark cage diving, but with an amazing group of girls by my side I did it! It was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my lifetime. Image009


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